Paid Online Focus Groups

Paid online focus groups rewards you for every online market research study you participate in. The level of reward is determined by the amount of time and commitment required from you. Rewards start from under a dollar for a survey taking 2 minutes to over $100 for detailed online focus groups, online discussions and communities. These are just some of the great ways you can make money online with paid focus groups.

paid focus groups market research rewards and cash

Typically our panel member incentives are paid into a PayPal account or by other rewards and incentives such as a gift card or a chance to win great prizes.  The reward will be communicated before you accept the invitation to participate in online research and is dependent on the length and type of research study.

Sometimes, you may be invited to complete a survey to register for a larger online project, and you will need to make sure you read these surveys carefully before committing to the larger study. You will only be rewarded for those larger projects, such as online focus groups or over-time discussions, if you turn up on the times specified and agreed to.

Unlike other paid online survey websites, you can earn larger rewards by participating in online focus groups from the comfort of your own home.

We have regular competitions JUST for our panel members, so the sooner you join and complete your profile, the more chances you have of being rewarded!

PaidFocusGroups offers many ways to participate and earn great rewards:

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