Paid Focus Groups Market Research Panel Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join
Anyone living in Australia who is over the age of 14 can participate in our research, provided you have a valid email address. Head over HERE to sign up!
I just completed a survey, and I can not yet see the money in my account?

Payment can show as pending and take up to 10 days to show up in your PayPal account (particularly if you are claiming points for the first time). Payment for completing a survey is credited to member accounts after the end of fieldwork (after the results of the study have been reviewed). If the fieldwork (how long the survey is open for) for a particular project is seven days, and a member does a survey on Day 1, members may need to wait up to 30 days to see the incentive in their account – sometimes longer for larger projects. Payments can be credited to your nominated PayPal account once your completed survey points reaches 100. You can only redeem 100 points at a time.

Once I transfer money to my PayPal account how long does it take to show?

PayPal transaction can take between 2 and 5 days to show up in the Paypal account depending on when you initiate the transfer.

I can not log into my account what should I do?
Please go to the page login page and select the Forgot Password? link  under the login button and follow the instructions on screen and in the emails received to reset your password.
How do I close my account?

To close your panel account either:  

  1. Login to your account 
  2. You will find your settings on the right side once you have entered your account. 
  3. At the bottom of the settings you will be able to unsubscribe once you click “Close Account”. 
  4. Enter your password and click “Close Account”.

It is also possible to close your account through one of the survey invitation emails. Please use the “Unsubscribe” link in the survey invite.

How will I get paid for participating in online research?
Panel members are paid in cash into a nominated PayPal account. Payments will be credited to your nominated PayPal account once your completed survey remuneration reaches $AUD17.00 or greater. Only go to and login into your account, then click on the link ‘My earned points’ and follow the prompts.  Sometimes rewards and incentives will include other things, like the opportunity to participate in a competition or you may receive a product or reward in the mail – it all depends on what the research study organiser decides is the best reward for their study participants.
What is an online focus group?
An online focus group is a type of market research where a group of people (whether online or in person) discuss a product, subject or idea. Focus groups are conducted by moderators on behalf of companies, foundations and not-for-profits to find out consumers thoughts and opinions on products, services, their brand or a multitude of other subjects.
When can I transfer my points money into my PayPal account?
Payments can be credited to your nominated PayPal account once your completed survey points reaches 100. You can only redeem 100 points at a time.
Why would they want me to participate in a paid online focus group?
Everyone is unique and has their views on life, love, and products. Companies like to do their research before launching new ideas or changing something about how they operate, and they quite often reach out to Australians and ask them to participate in research. This is where you come in, as you can tell them exactly how you would interact or think about an idea, concept or product they might be developing.
Why haven’t I been picked for a focus group yet?
While many paid online focus groups are conducted all the time, they are often quite specific in what they require of their participants. For example, they may be looking for someone who lives in country Australia and owns a Hilux ute. Remember that the more you tell us about yourself in your profile, the more likely you are to be picked for a focus group!
How much will I be paid for participating in paid online research?
The reward you receive will vary depending on the type of research you are invited to participate. If you participate in a very short paid online survey, then the reward will be similarly smaller, but if you are included in a paid online focus group or a more involved research project, then you will receive a much larger reward.
Does it cost anything to join
No, not a cent! Membership is free, and we’ll be the ones paying you when you participate in research.
Does it cost anything to participate in a paid online focus groups?
No. Enrolling and participating in a paid online focus group or any other sort of research that we offer will always be free, and then we’ll give you some reward at the end of the project.
How do I participate in online research?
When a new online focus group or another form of market research comes up that you are eligible for, you’ll receive an email notification. Within that email will be further information pertaining directly to that type of the activity and what you have to do from there.
How often can I participate in research?
Sometimes you might get notification daily or weekly, other times once every few months. You’ll get the opportunity to participate in research when your profile fits the criteria of those conducting the research, so remember to make sure that all your profile fields are filled out the best you can manage.
Do I have to participate in research if contacted?
You have no obligation to take part in online research when we contact you – we’re only providing you with the opportunity, and your participation is voluntary.
What if I say I can participate, but then have to pull out?
You can pull out of a survey at any time, but if you have agreed to take part in a larger project like an online discussion group, then please let the organiser know as soon as possible so they can organise a replacement participant.
Will you be conducting the research? acts as the agent between you and the research groups, bringing you and them together. Quite often you may be called on to participate in research conducted by the operators of, but you may just as likely receive an invitation to a study from another research group, just delivered by us.
Who owns the personal information that I have provided?
Your personal information it’s yours and you can delete your account at anytime. We hold it for you and compare it against research opportunities that might come up, but you are free to opt out at any stage. We will then delete all your data, and it will be as if you never existed with us.
Can I join multiple times?
No, this is not allowed, and we have ways of detecting fraudulent accounts and you will be permanently removed!
How do I update my personal details?
Just log in and head over to your profile section. Fill or make adjustments to all the profile fields, press the save button, and we’re updated.
How do I change my e-mail address?
To change your registered email address, please send an e-mail to titled “Request to change e-mail address”. In your email, please state your current/old email address and the new email address you wish to use.
Will I get spammed?
You’ll never receive any spam messages from or through We’ll also never sell any personal information that you provide us so that no spam will reach you that way either. We’re real people and hate spam as much as you, so we do what we can to prevent it.
Is my information kept secure?
Yes. We store all your information on secure and monitored servers.