Online Discussion Board Focus Groups
Paid Online Focus Groups: Louder Voice, Bigger Rewards
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Online Discussion Board Focus Groups

Paid online discussion board focus groups, also referred to as bulletin board focus groups, are an enjoyable and highly engaging form of online research. Online bulletin board focus groups range in the length from days to weeks or months. You are rewarded for interacting with the other members of your group for a much longer period of time than a live chat or webcam online focus group.

Bulletin board style online focus groups typically occur in a secure environment where you login and post comments on a discussion board in response to a particular discussion question, image, website or video. You may also be asked to comment on other peoples posts in the group. Comments posted can be made public or your comments will be kept private between you and the moderator. The moderator will notify you via email when a new discussion subject is posted and just like Facebook its is a simple process of adding your comments to the discussion.

Some message boards allow you to see what other people have written before you put in your comment, others show you other participants comments only after you have written your comment, and others don’t show you other participants comments until the moderator allows it. Don’t hesitate to voice your opinion either, as your identity may be completely hidden from the other participants.

The cash incentives and rewards for our online discussion board focus groups vary depending on the length of time and the interaction required, but the rewards can be quite lucrative compared to shorter online surveys.

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