Paid Webcam Online Focus Groups

Webcam online focus groups are similar to chat-based online focus groups except you can see the moderator and everyone else in the discussion group on your computer screen with a video produced from your webcam, and is an enjoyable type of online focus group to be rewarded for your opinion. As a participant, you can interact with the moderator and other focus group attendees.

The moderator will ask you questions and provide prompts via a variety of media including website, videos, screenshots, slide shows and you may even get a chance to draw on a whiteboard! There is also instant messaging component where you can also express your opinion by typing into a chat box.

webcam online focus group person


Due to the more specific requirements of webcam online focus groups, you may be sent a webcam to allow you to participate or asked to perform a scheduled webcam test with your webcam to make sure the internet speed is of fast enough to ensure a reliable connection. You will be seen by all other people in the group, so you have to be comfortable participating in an online focus group where everyone will see your image on the computer screen. These rewards for these types of groups sometimes include bigger cash incentives, larger prizes, better incentives, but it is dependent on the kind of online market research study conducted.

Paid webcam online focus groups last between 60 minutes and 90 minutes in length. The moderator will send you an invite to participate, and you may be asked to complete a short survey to make sure your profiles meets the requirements of the study. So don’t forget to keep you account profile complete and up to date.


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