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You can earn great rewards and incentives by telling companies what you really think!

By participating in paid online market research you can help many companies and institutions develop their products and services. Here are some quick snapshots of what you may have an opportunity to participate in:

  • A local power retailer may want to find out what you think about the service via a paid webcam online focus group.
  • The council might want to conduct a chat based online focus groups on their website to find out how it can serve you better.
  • The Australian government may call on you to participate in a text message chat group to gauge your thoughts about a current hot topic.
  • A large hardware chain may get you to keep a video diary as you renovate your home, or when you visit the store.
  • A pharmaceutical brand may ask you to try out brand new products in your own home, before they’ve even hit the shelves.
  • An electronics manufacturer may ask you to use one of their new mobile phones for a few months to test it out for real world wear and tear.

While the studies that you get to participate in may differ from the above, one thing is consistent, you will always be rewarded for your efforts!

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