Market Research Participation Types

Participate in paid online market research. Express your opinion in various types of market research and be rewarded for your feedback. We will invite you to take part in paid research that fits your personal profile. Don’t forget to fill out your personal profile details and tell us more about yourself!  The more we know about you, the more likely you will be rewarded with invitations and cash for participating in online market research.

Chat Online Focus Groups

Chat based online focus groups are where the moderator invites you to log into a secure online chat room, and you express your views by typing your thoughts and opinions into a chat message box… read more.

Discussion board focus groups

Paid discussion board or bulletin board online focus groups are a highly engaging and enjoyable experience and range in time from one day to weeks or months, and you get the… read more.

Online Webcam Focus Groups

Webcam online focus groups are similar to chat-based online focus groups except you can see the moderator and everyone else in the focus group on your computer screen, with video transmitted by your… read more.

Paid online surveys

Australian paid online surveys will be emailed to you as new surveys become available and best suit your personal profile, so don’t forget to fill out your personal profile questions and tell us as… read more.

Online diaries, journals & blogs

Online journals, diaries and blogs are some of the longest research projects that you may get an opportunity to participate. Theis type of activity is getting to know your views and behaviour around… read more

Other types of research

From time to time, you will have the opportunity to participate in other types of research. While they’re not as common as the other types we have talked about here; you’ll… read more.

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