Get Paid for Online Diaries, Journals and Blogs

online market research Online Diaries, Journals, Blogs

Online journals, diaries and blogs are some of the most interesting and enjoyable research projects that you may get an opportunity to participate. The purpose of these tools is to get to know your habits, likes and dislikes over time to get to know your views and behaviour around a particular subject matter.

This type of paid research can generally take on two different forms:

  • Paid online diaries & journals are where you enter your thoughts into an online journal or blogging program at a given the time of day or even when you’re interacting with a product or service. Typically you will be asked for a few lines describing your interaction and how you feel about the experience, and you may be rewarded every time you provide valuable feedback.
  • Paid video blogs and diaries are similar to traditional journals and blogs, but you get to sit down and record yourself at a given the time of day. Video journals may require you to provide video comment when you’re interacting with a product or service – some research companies may even provide mobile recording devices or smart phones so that you can record on the go!

Due to the length of time these studies can take, the rewards and cash incentives can be very rewarding, so if you get the opportunity it is worth taking a closer look at participating in this kind of market research.

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