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Our research projects focus on online focus groups, meaning that you get a better opportunity for input, and better rewards.

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Four reasons to make money online with Paid Focus Groups research panel

Bigger Rewards

Paid Focus Groups focuses primarily on paid online focus groups, communities and surveys, which increases the money you make online.

Louder Voice

Paid Focus Groups provides more opportunities to participate in all kinds of research projects which help to define all kinds of products and services.

More Variety

While our focus is all kinds of research participation, we offer-paid surveys, online text message chat focus groups, online interviews, bulletin boards.

Rewards Tracking

We will never charge to join our panel, membership is free. Download the OpinionApp for Android or iPhone App to keep track of surveys and rewards.

Join us on the Paid Online Focus Group Panel

Louder Voice, Bigger Rewards, More Variety!

Who can join?

Anyone over the age of 14 and living in Australia you can join and it is free to do so. We value your opinions and we’re always looking for more participants for paid research.

What’s happens?

You’ll have opportunities to participate in all kinds of research, including paid online focus groups, online discussions and paid online surveys and more. We’ll email you when a new opportunity becomes available.

Where to participate?

You can participate in paid online research from the privacy of your own home, or anywhere you can access the internet. Most projects just require a mobile device, but sometimes you need a computer with ADSL speeds.

How it works!

You’ll get emails with offers to participate in online research projects, and is dependent on how much information and how complete your panel profile is. Download the Mobile App for better notifications and tracking.

Make money online at paid onlie focus groups research panel

Make money online with paid focus groups

Making money online can be easy, and most of the websites offering a chance to earn cash and win money fail to deliver on their promise. There are even websites out there that try and make you pay to join to complete online surveys for money – you should stay away from those websites!

With the growth of online market research, there are now, even more, opportunities to have some fun while selling your time for cash, prizes and rewards. At paid online focus groups we try and provide a variety of possibilities to make money online. Typically, you can complete online surveys for cash, but often those surveys will lead to larger projects such as online focus groups and online community-based discussion groups which will run for a few days.

It is easy to get started, and all you need to do is to complete the signup form and complete your online profile questions as much as you can to ensure we send you the right kind of projects to finish.