Four Reasons to join Paid Focus Groups Now

Bigger Benefits

1Paid Focus Groups focuses primarily on paid online focus groups, which generally have better benefits than doing free online surveys.

Louder Voice

2In paid online focus groups you have a much greater chance to have your say, and make your impact on the research you’re participating in and the products it creates. You won’t be lost in the clutter of text.

Free Online Surveys

3While our focus is on online focus groups, we still offer free paid surveys, online text message chat focus groups, online interviews, bulletin boards and more with great regularity. We’ll try to keep you busy!

Free to Participate

4We will never charge to join our panel, membership is free. On the contrary, we will reward you for your time and effort, with your reward related to the type of research you participate in.

Paid Online Focus Groups: Louder Voice, Bigger Rewards
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