Get Paid for Market Research: Other Online Market Research Opportunities

From time to time, you may have the opportunity to participate in other types of online market research from the comfort of your home. While they’re not as common as the other types talked about on this website they can be very rewarding. This kind of research activity might include a combination of the different types of research or may be follow-up research based on a study you have already participated. These kinds of projects can be absorbing and quite lucrative for you, as a client company seeks to uncover your thoughts and opinions in new and different ways.


other types of paid market research lady using tablet

Other types of paid online market  research you may get the opportunity to participate in:

  • Mobile Qualitative research is an expanding area of research, and this can be in the form of a moderator asking you questions via text messaging at given times of the day (remember you have to sign up for the research first before we divulge any of your personal data to research organisations). This type of the investigation can also include one on one video interviews via smartphone video cameras.
  • Social media qualitative research is another emerging trend where researchers might like to contact you for your thoughts while using social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.
  • One on One interviews  is where researchers would like to talk directly with you about your thoughts on a research subject. Interviews can take place via video, by email, by phone, by text message or instant chat.

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